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Fran Fisher, author of Violetís Vision, is an international speaker, published author and pioneer in the field of personal professional coaching.

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Want a speaker who will educate your group while inspiring vision, possibility for change, and guidance for effective action? Fran Fisher is available to speak to your business, association or organization on the following topics:

Three Essential Questions
Are you experiencing the level of success and fulfillment you truly desire in your life or work?

  • Learn the three essential questions that humanity has been asking from the beginning of time
  • Shift your orientation to these essential life questions
  • See your self through a new perspective
  • Learn how to access fulfillment now

Living Your Vision
How well are you realizing your grandest visions? Living Your Vision will shift your paradigm on vision, providing insight that empowers individuals and teams to make profound and lasting changes. You will learn:

  • The three universal elements of effective process
  • The key to clarifying vision and purpose
  • The six foundations for fulfilling vision and purpose
  • Tools for empowering ongoing effective action

Inspiring Futures
This is a threeĖhour experiential workshop, custom designed for corporate executives who represent the current or next generation of leadership in the organization. Ideal participants recognize the need for professional development on a personal level. Executives may be engaged in succession planning, or beginning to think about retirement, preparing themselves and the organization for the inevitability of movement and change.

Fran Fisher teams with a wealth management expert to provide a program that delivers:

  • Five keys to a financially prosperous future
  • Six steps to greater personal and professional fulfillment beginning now
  • How to clarify next steps and sustain desired results

Mistakes are for Learning
Fran Fisher is a former business owner. She shares candidly and generously from her personal experience, revealing her own mistakes in business and how she leveraged her learning into pure gold.

Fran has coached hundreds of small business owners. Mistakes are for Learning is a rich and inspiring cornucopia of her personal and client stories of failure, heartbreak, and breakdown, as well as breakthrough, learning, and victory. Those who rose from the ashes gleaned insights, new perspectives, and unexpected outcomes.

Mistakes are for Learning can be customized as a luncheon presentation or ideally, a 3-hour interactive, experiential workshop.

  • Top four reasons people fail in their jobs
  • My four greatest business mistakes
  • Seven lessons for wisdom
A Compelling Case for Coaching

Fran is a Master Certified Coach. She has been coaching since 1991, and she is one of the founders of the International Coach Federation. She can present topics, relevant to the audience, including live demonstrations, such as:

  • An introduction to personal professional coaching, what it IS and what it ISNíT; how it works; benefits; philosophy
  • Historical background on the emergence of coaching
  • Key coaching skills
  • Team coaching
  • Research; ROI of coaching; trends

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